Why it works?

How we integrate the team?


Our technologies


We have been working with Smartbics since 2013.

During this time, we have gone from 2 developers in one of the projects to several fully completed products.

Why does outstaffing work?

Your company does not need to search, choose, select replacements for developers anytime. We have already undertaken all this. HR costs reduce by 40%. Now recruiting, adaptation, motivation, personnel taxes, equipment for the employee — not your headache. We provide both a high level of development and customer service.

We are near you

We have serious experience

Our office is in Estonia. We will always be able to quickly come to your office both for negotiations and planning sessions. Or set up the call with you.

We have been working since 2010. During this period, we have established ourselves in the market and are ready to offer our expertise for you and your projects.

We help in customer internal development

It's safe with us

Our employees are highly qualified specialists. You can learn something from us, we from you. And it will give an excellent result.

We are as mobile as possible. And we can provide you with the necessary resources within a reasonable time. In case of replacement of an employee, we provide a smooth and flawless transfer of knowledge. Your project is always safe.


We give you a development team.

You save the budget!

Our principles


No match

Comfortable office with high-speed internet and excellent equipment

No bureaucracy

Only full-time developers employment

No freelancers

Absolute team mobility

No splitting of working time into several projects

Our workflow
How do we integrate the team?

This is the most frequently asked questions from a customer to us. We understand your concerns: remote team, integration, knowledge transfer. Therefore, we will try to answer the most popular ones.

Regular meetings

Transparent reporting

We are always in touch with the customer and the team. The frequency of meetings and rallies is determined only by you.

Weekly, by sprints, monthly — as you like and need.

You will definitely find the right specialist

You have a team onside when it is necessary

Our specialists are ready for interviews and any necessary tests. You can be assured of the expertise.

You can always invite a team or team lead to your office for planning sessions or for a release.


Working with our clients, we launch on average 15 projects per year



Why it works?

How we integrate the team?